Core Services

Antaeus Ski Vocational and Technical Academy

By adapting and absorbing international ski resort related technology and proven experience, Antaeus Skiing Vocational and Technical Academy will offer young people professional education with diploma and re-education for existing ski resort staff, and help to output the human resources of high quality with both solid theoretic knowledge and pragmatic professional skills so as to accelerating the upgrading of Chinese ski industry and its conformity with the international standards, and create the pool of ski resort human resources to support the upcoming 2022nd Winter Olympic Games.


Ski Resort Management

Based on Antaeus Ski Resort Management Model, Beijing Antaeus Ski Resort Investment & Management Co., Ltd will manage the target ski resort effectively by stationing a team a senior management team on-site or in the form of entrusted management. It also cultivates ski industry management and technical personnel for the purpose of supplying the ski industry with well-trained human resources to keep the industry developing in a healthy manner.

For the newly-built ski resorts, the company shall provide standardized service in the aspects of strategic development, organization administration, human resources management, marketing management, operation management, and financial cost management. For the existing ski resorts, the company will conduct comprehensive analysis on its current internal and external situations to provide professional customized management service. By optimization of resources, Antaeus ski will enable the target resort to increase revenue and empower the resort with sustaining competitiveness.